Aranmula Snake Boat Race​

The Aranmula Boat Festival, celebrated during Onam (August-September), stands as the oldest river boat festival in Kerala, India. Central to this festival are the Palliyodams, revered as divine vessels of the presiding deity at the Sree Parthasarathy Temple in Aranmula. These boats, known as Chundan Vallams or snake boats, are owned by various villages along the banks of the Pampa River. Each Palliyodam (boats) typically accommodates four helmsmen, rowers, and singers. Elaborately decorated with golden lace, flags, and ornamental umbrellas, these boats are manned exclusively by men from the respective villages. The traditional attire for participants includes a white dhoti, white turban, and bare feet, emphasizing the cultural significance and reverence associated with the festival.

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